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The Klotz Group
Institutional Quality Investment Sponsor
  • 7+ decades of senior executive management experience - Equity sponsorship, investment advisory and strategic execution with a series of Multifamily real estate Funds, Programmatic Joint Ventures and Separate Accounts

Multifamily Brokerage Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Client focused acquisitions - Cultivates and maintains 500MM+ asset pipeline - Relationship-based access to top-tier institutional capital - Access to top-tier lenders

Multifamily Property Management
  • Successful track record managing 20,000+ units - Responsible for 1B+ in real estate - Best-In-Class operational improvement - Management excellence focused - Technology platform based oversight, management and staff qualification - Robust daily and monthly operating review process

Ground Up Luxury &
Class A Development
  • Develops the most exciting, waterfront, oceanfront and transformative multifamily, residential and commercial projects - Institutional relationship based investments - Excellence in design, land usage, strategic planning, project execution and maximizing investment return

Construction, Rehab and Turn Services
  • Seasoned experts in delivering quality construction and unit rehab/turn service with low costs and timing precision - Complete apartment turnkey service - Relentless commitment to quality, honesty and transparency to internal ownership and third party owners

Commercial Lending, Debt
& Equity Solutions
  • Strategic, relationship-based debt & equity sourcing capabilities - Full service capital stack analysis, evaluation and advisory - Robust pipeline of capital sources and unique solutions - Mature Crowdfunding network - Full spectrum of debt & equity solutions

Allow the most active, experienced real estate investment platform to empower you as a real estate investor. We understand all dimensions of real estate investment - we are sponsors, investors, owners, operators, brokers, advisors, developers and most importantly, partners.

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